New printer - need driver

Wulfy wulfmann at
Sun Mar 15 05:44:53 UTC 2009

My old printer died on me...  so I bought a nice new shiny Canon printer 
assuming that I'd have the appropriate driver...  alas, no such luck.

I was encouraged when the print manager showed the new printer and even 
got its type tight!  When I asked it to print a test page, the lights 
flashed and the rollers whirred, but no paper went through and no 
printing...  :@(

The driver was for the iP2000 series (I have an iP12500) so I thought 
I'd go to the Canon site and download the driver from there 
(cnijfilter-common-2.70-2.src.rpm).  It was an .rpm file <rolls eyes> so 
I installed alien (and a bunch of other dependencies) and told it to 
convert and install. It bombed out saying that there was no target for 
my architecture - it was for i386 and I have amd64 installed (Kubuntu, 
though that makes no difference, does it?  Drivers are the same for all 
flavours of *buntu?).

So I dug around and found that alien could just unpack the .rpm into a 
directory. Fantastic! I could compile it myself to the 64-bit driver! 
Problem is, I have no idea how to do that! :@(

I tried the script but it just said there was nothing to do...

Is there a package for this somewhere? Or instructions on how to compile?

Kubuntu Intrepid Ibex 64

Linux wulfy-desktop 2.6.27-13-generic #1 SMP Thu Feb 26 07:31:49 UTC 
2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux



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