dsl-g604t port forwarding (static ip help)

Ray Parrish crp at cmc.net
Sun Mar 15 05:02:00 UTC 2009

James Takac wrote:
> Hi Guys
> I'm having problems getting the port forwarding to word on said modem. I have 
> the main pc hooked up via the ethernet port directly and my others are 
> wireless. I understand that I need to set up static ip's for port forwarding 
> to work but that's where I'm running into problems. Already been googling 
> around a bit to no avail. The most comprehensive instructions I've come 
> across assume a windows system alas. And it seems setting up the dns and such 
> is a lil different in ubuntu (8.04 here). Currently all my pc's are on 
> roaming mode as it's the only way I've been able to connect to the net. Once 
> I can get the static ip's working I SHOULD be fine with the port forwarding
> DLink's tech site suggests the following using a windows system
> Select the 'Use the following IP address' option:
> IP address:
> Subnet mask:
> Default Gateway: (your router's address)
> DNS: and (or whichever your provider is using)
> Any help appreciated
> James
Hello again,

OK, I found the user manual for yoiur modem online, and it is located here.


 From another link on that page I found a wiki page that claims that 
youe modem does not have a web interface like mine, so you will need to 
use the telnet command shown below to get into it's configuration. It is 
Linux based, and the following Wiki page has the set up procedure for it 
using Telnet. You need to scroll down a ways to find them.

Evidently not all DSL modems have a web browser- based cinfiguration 
interface as I had assumed before. Your's evidently has both telnet and 
ftp access to it's interface.

Anyway, those pages should get you up and runnimg in short order.

Later, Ray Parrish


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