Half OT/ How to remove a virus on windows using Ubuntu

Odd iodine at runbox.no
Sat Mar 14 15:36:00 UTC 2009

Bart Silverstrim wrote:
> Ashley Benton wrote:
>>> I would have save the documents
>>>> and reinstall his Windows but there are no rescue cds or
>>>> floppies and I am a little lost as I don't how I can help him
>>>> anymore.
>>> Ask him, if he prefers to work fully virus-free in the years to
>>> come?
>> I did a while ago and he is not ready for a change
> In this case he may not have a choice.
> Besides...I'm not sure if Win2k is even really supported now for 
> security updates.

It still is, but only for little over a year.

"All Windows 2000 support including security updates and
security-related hotfixes will be terminated on July 13, 2010"


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