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Sat Mar 14 15:27:37 UTC 2009

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> Ashley Benton wrote:
> > Hi, I am using Ubuntu 8.10. One of my neighbors ask me to fix his
> computer
> > and I am stuck. The computer is Windows 2000 and doesn't work at all by
> > itself so I mounted his hard drive on my computer. From Ubuntu I tried a
> few
> > anti virus programs but the only things they do is find the viruses .
> Since
> > I don't know Windows I don't want just to delete the files or system. Is
> > there a program that I can use from Ubuntu to fix his Windows and get rid
> of
> > the viruses? I would have save the documents and reinstall his Windows
> but
> > there are no rescue cds or floppies and I am a little lost as I don't how
> I
> > can help him anymore.
> If it's damaged to the point where it doesn't work, your best bet is to
> retrieve *data* files off the system...such as the my
> documents/desktop/favorites folders from under "documents and settings"
> that correspond to your neighbor's username...and reformat the drive.
> Thanks to the alternate data streams in NTFS and inadequate security
> settings, and the fact that you said it's already not working at all,
> you *cannot* simply disinfect the system and know for sure it's free of
> malware.
> Save data to another drive or CD's, then format the drive and reinstall
> Windows then copy data back.
> That's what I wanted to do but there are no cd rescue and I don't have
Windows 2000. I wanted to restore from the C drive but I see now that it is
also infected so I will try to find the option and see if I can clean it
enough to make it work. After I'll just save his documents somewhere in my
PC until he tries with Mac Affee and decides if he wants an half infected
computer or clean Ubuntu. That may be what will change his mind about Ubuntu
but I don't want to delete his system and told him that he has to use

Thanks for the help, I think I can continue from here


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