How to get consistent screen resolution?

Odzangba K. Dake odzangba at
Fri Mar 13 22:00:26 UTC 2009

On Friday 13 March 2009 19:22:26 Chris G wrote:
> I have a system using a big TV as its screen and it doesn't always
> come up at the correct resolution.  I can't see any rhyme or reason as
> to when it gets it right and when it doesn't.
> The 'correct' resolution is 1920x1080 but it sometimes comes up at a
> 'non-widescreen' resolution of 1600x1200 or similar.
> Can anyone suggest why this might be happening?
> The DDC detection in Xorg.0.log shows the resolution I want to use but
> it doesn't appear in the display settings applet.

Do you have compiz fusion enabled? I had a similar issue, only the resolution 
kept getting changed if I went full screen when playing a video with totem. 
Fixed it by setting the correct resolution in CCSM. You want to look at the 
General Options > Display Settings tab... there's a section on Outputs.
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