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> Cybe R. Wizard wrote:
> > Derek Broughton <derek at>  said:
> >> Charlie, you _know_ this is Linux - we can do anything!
> >>
> >> As long as you can identify the desktop, it can't be that difficult
> >> (as xdg-open shows) to invoked the appropriate application for the
> >> desktop - or it could be done through the "alternatives" system.
> >
> > As for xdg-open, it seems to me that it only opens a file with the
> > preferred application or a URL with the preferred browser.  Am I missing
> > something?  If it /does/ open a file manager I haven't been able to do
> > it.
> In KDE it opens a "file" _with_ the file manager ("kfmclient").  It doesn't
> leave you _in_ the file manager, because that isn't what you asked it to
> do.  However, if you ask it to open a directory ("xdg-open ~"), then sure
> enough you get a file browser.  Perhaps you can't do that in Gnome :-(
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can someone using KDE(kubuntu) could do this on the konsole:
youruser at yourmachine:/# konqueror /home/username (or any other directory)
maybe it works.

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