3rd Generation iPod Nano write support?

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at chrononomicon.com
Fri Mar 13 18:56:43 UTC 2009

Bill Moseley wrote:
> What's the current status of write support for these devices?
> When connecting to an 8.10 machine I'm seeing:
>     hfs: write access to a journaled filesystem is not supported, use
>     the force option at your own risk, mounting read-only.
> My son purchased the bulk of his music using iTunes on an old PowerPC
> iBook (which is now dead with a hardware failure) so of course, the
> bulk of the music can't be played via Rhythmbox due to the DRM issues.
> Forgot to factor in the cost of new Apple hardware into those song
> purchases.  ;)

If you can read from the filesystem, you might be able to copy the data 
off, then use Windows to reformat/reinitialize the iPod (maybe Windows 
virtualized in something like Virtualbox).

His iTunes account should still be accessible once you get the Windows 
version installed. I suggest this because using the Windows iTunes to 
reformat the Nano should give it a FAT32 filesystem, and your system 
should then be able to mount it read/write.

I also think that using that install of iTunes should give him access to 
the things he purchased previously, but you would find that out once you 
get it installed and connect to ITMS with his account. If not they may 
be able to help you with their support address; I know they've been 
helpful for us with issues involving billing and lost music before.

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