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On Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 10:00 PM, keith dewitt <keithdewitt at> wrote:
> I was unable to get GF7100 enabled for desktop effects so I bought a
> GF8400 GS thinking the 7100 wasn't supported. Still stuck without
> desktop effects.I tried envng, the 177 and 173 drivers with Ubuntu and
> tried to install the x86.180.29 driver from the NVIDIA website (get
> error message when trying to compile kernel from NVIDIA) it fails.
> Have searched forums and sent a bug report to NVIDIA but have not
> heard back, just sent them another email. Any help please.

Strange, last driver for both 7100 and 8400 is the 180.29.

I'm running my systems on a NVidia GeForce8200 (onboard). Driver 177
for the 8.10 i386 install and 180.11 for the AMD64. They worked just
out of the box. Appearance/ Visual Effects set to "normal" work most
of the time (but not always). Installed the 177 from NVidia following
instructions (GDM stopped) and compilation was automatic. The 180.11
driver came from repositories and installed without a glitch. Auto
recompile at each Kernel update. No need to use EnvyNG.


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