Adding apps to startup could be made easier

NoOp glgxg at
Thu Mar 12 21:08:44 UTC 2009

On 03/11/2009 10:25 AM, David M. Karr wrote:
> Several times I've run into a similar scenario:
> I discover an application I want to install, so I go to "Add/Remove", 
> find it, then install it.
> I can now see it in the "Applications" menu, although it just shows me 
> the "displayable" name of the application, not the full path to the 
> application.

Not all menu items will have a full path, but an quick and easy way to
see what the properties are (rather than having to wait for the Edit
Menu to grind itself into motion) is to go to the menu icon, right click
and 'Add this launcher to panel'. Then right click the icon on the panel
and select 'Properties'. In the 'Command' section you'll either see a
full path w/command, or in many cases just a system command ('ooffice
-writer %U' for example). When finished just remove the icon from the panel.

> Now, one of the installed applications needs to go into my session 
> startup.  The dialog to add a startup application doesn't allow me to 
> browse through the installed applications, all I can do is enter a full 
> path to an executable.

Cut&Paste the information from the 'Command' section above.

> There's a disconnect here.  Either the applications menu needs to 
> provide a "Properties" item that shows the full path to the application, 
> or the "Add Startup Program" dialog needs to allow selection of an 
> application from the Applications menu.  I could see adding both of 
> these.  The latter is friendlier to less experienced users.  The former 
> is more general-purpose.
> I'd be willing to file an issue for this, after I get some feedback on this.

I agree that the above is a 'workaround'.

You may find this of interest/irritation if you are using Intrepid:
[gnome-session storing broken in intrepid]

As for filing a bug:
[Adding stuff to autostart is too difficult]

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