Do Menu Editor and Shell need different commands?

Stephen Constantinou stephanos at
Wed Mar 11 21:15:58 UTC 2009

Brian McKee wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 3:07 PM, Stephen Constantinou
> <stephanos at> wrote:
>> I think the reason is that while the shell would rightly prompt me for a
>> password for the user, I do not get to see or input this password when
>> it is run from the Menu command.
> To do the same in a GUI - use gksu instead of sudo
> But can't you just put it in the fstab so it mounts on start up, then
> unmount it via right click when you don't want it anymore?
> Brian

Dear All

Thanks for all the replies.  I cannot test them all but I did test an 
off list suggestion that left me a bit embarrassed - it was such a 
simple solution.

Back in Menu editor, select the Advanced tab and put a tick in Run in 
Terminal.  A shell opens with a prompt to enter the password, I enter it 
and the mounting or unmounting is performed.  I worked through this afew 
times and there are no issues I can see.

Now the partition is mounted at start up via fsab.  I can unmount it 
from the menu.  If I want it mounted again I have a menu option.

Brian - I would like to unmount via a right click, but in Konqueror at 
least a right click does not give me that option.  I am very interested 
in your solution.  Can you tell me more?

Thanks all


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