Dual boot XP/ubuntu and symbolic links from XP to Kubuntu

Derek Broughton derek at pointerstop.ca
Wed Mar 11 15:21:28 UTC 2009

Stephen Constantinou wrote:

> Unperturbed and still believing I am Captain Kirk (the man who always
> had a plan to get out of trouble) I looked at the file properties and
> permissions.

Please, first set all phasers on "stun" - we don't want anyone to get
hurt :-) 

>  From within Kubuntu the xp folder containing the e-mails is owned by
> root: and all groups can view & modify.  This is also true of the
> individual e-mail boxes/files.
>  From within Kubuntu/thunderbird the folder containing the e-mails is
> owned by stephanos (the only user) and owner can view & Modify.  Group
> and Others are forbidden.  The individual e-mail boxes/files clearly
> state that they are links and do not have permissions. 

Please send the output from "ls -l", rather than telling us - that doesn't
make sense to me and I suspect you're actually giving us the permission of
the symbolic link at some point (which is essentially meaningless).
> Questions
> 1) Is what I am trying to achieve impossible or have I missed something?

It's certainly possible.

> 2) Should I be turning those permissions that say Forbidden into Can
> View & Modify?


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