Help! Installing 8.10 on Server - errors!!!!

Jonathan Harrison jonathan-harrison at
Wed Mar 11 11:05:55 UTC 2009


Is there a faster way of communicating?

Of course, there is Skype, Ekiga, Pidgin, etc. but:

- This way the messages are exposed to many people so better help might be
on the way. (I only get you and Andy responding.  There are many other links
I have found, but none have an answer.  They seemed to just die, I presume
used another SW.  Talking of which, I noticed on one that someone downgraded
to a lower version and it worked.  NOT ideal, but if there is no BUG fix,
needs must.  I am going to summarize this - if we get a fix and put it in
one reply with all the details for any other poor sucker who gets stuck.  I
have my doubts, to be honest, that it will be done.  There doesn't seem to
be any ownership).

- There's the time zone problem, FI, it seems you are in Italy. (I'm
actually in the UK. But by voice call or even IM could clear this up MUCH
faster and with less frustration.  Our TZs do overlap and I would do this
quite late).

- And last but not least, there might be a slight communication problem in
this virtual Babel Tower. My Skype, for instance, doesn't have any check
speeching feature enabled. (Might be worth a bash though)


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