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H.S. hs.samix at
Tue Mar 10 21:56:04 UTC 2009

Mark Haney wrote:
> Asif Iqbal wrote:
>>>>              ethtool -s <interface> speed 100 duplex full autoneg off
>>>> Is there a way I can modify the interfaces file to stick these options, as
>>>> well,
>>>> short of writing a init script?
> You know, it's amazing what a little trip to google will do.
> Try to google these things before coming to the list with something that
>  was answered a decade ago before there were GUIs for everything.

That wiki, though explains a bit about multiple routes, but it does not
appear to a "debian way" of doing things. The files names on that wiki
hint at being on a Redhat based system.

To the OP Asif:
The following link explains multiple IP addresses and uplinks on a
Debian system (Ubuntu is Debian under the hoods):
Section 10.6.2 of

Pay special attention on Debian calls scripts by specifying them within
the network configuration file.

Good luck.


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