problems to connect to ldap server: Fatal error: Call to undefined function ldap_connect()

Dámaris Suárez Corrales dhamaris at
Tue Mar 10 19:36:19 UTC 2009

Hello, i recently installed OpenLDAP, using these commands:

sudo aptitude install slapd
sudo dpkg-reconfigure slapd
sudo aptitude install ldap-utils phpldapadmin

This is the message when i type /localhost/phpldapadmin in my web browser:

Missing required extension
Your install of PHP appears to be missing LDAP support
Please install LDAP support before using phpLDAPadmin.

I already had installed (and working) PHP5 and  Apache2. I have installed
too php5-ldap library. When i look in my php5 features (using phpinfo() ) i
don't see ldap anywhere!

Does anybody know what i am doing wrong? Or what i am doing right, i suppose

Than u for any help.

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