clamav getting uuencoded format error

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Tue Mar 10 15:05:01 UTC 2009

On Sun, Mar 8, 2009 at 8:50 AM, David Karr <davidmichaelkarr at>wrote:

> I've seen some mentions of this in searching, but not really what to do
> about it.
> My clamav scan is now pretty quiet, except for a single message:
>     LibClamAV Error: Message is not in uuencoded format
> I believe there's a bug filed to resolve this, but I think a separate bug
> should be that it doesn't print the name of the file that it's scanning at
> the time.
> Am I going to have to do a --verbose run to figure out what file is having
> a problem with this?

If it matters, the file that is causing this is
"/usr/share/doc/defoma/examples/dfsgyo5.ttc.hints".  All but one of the
files in this directory begin with:

    category truetype
    begin ...

But this one file begins with:

    begin ...

I'm examining how the error message could be provided with the file name,
but after getting into the code, I see the method that prints that error is
several layers deep, past where the filename was known.  I think there are
other candidate error messages that don't have the filename in them, so it
might be worth it, but it'll be a bit of a pain.
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