How do I install Ubuntu using a thumb drive?

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When you start up your computer, there are usually a few commands, like press F12 for setup, but they could be the Delete or F2 keys also. in that menu, there will be some place that says "boot order" and arange them so USB is above HD or hard drive. save, exit and reboot.

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Subject: How do I install Ubuntu using a thumb drive?
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Hi again...
I had asked earlier how to install Ubuntu using a thumb drive and got a response saying I needed to be more detailed. I first tried using Unetbootin to transfer Ubuntu 8.10 onto a 2 gigabyte thumb drive. Unetbootin requires broadband internet so I took my netbook to a coffee shop and used their wifi. After Ubuntu had finished downloading I checked to see if Ubuntu was on the thumb drive and it was so I rebooted my computer. When my computer started up Windows came up running. My computer didn't go into Ubuntu live mode. The second method was to run a cd in live mode and then in the menu selected make a USB startup disk. After the transfer was complete I put the thumb drive in my USB port of my netbook and again it went straight into Windows without going into Ubuntu. I finally purchased a thumb drive with Ubuntu 8.10 and the results were the
 same. I have an Inspiration netbook. Please let me know if I need to include anymore information. Thank you.  

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