Backup paths to the internet.

Joep L. Blom jlblom at
Mon Mar 9 20:00:41 UTC 2009

Kipton Moravec wrote:
> On Mon, 2009-03-09 at 16:18 +0100, Joep L. Blom wrote:
>> Kipton Moravec wrote:
>>> I am planning to use a computer as a gateway/firewall running Ubuntu (or
>>> another version of Linux).
>>> What is the utility, or service, I need to allow different paths to the
>>> Internet through this gateway?
>>> For example, the primary path to the Internet is through eth0 the first
>>> Ethernet card in the computer.  However if that gateway is down, then I
>>> want it to use a second path (or a third if #2 is down also). I can make
>>> it another card (eth1), or another IP address on the first card. Finally
>>> if all else fails, I would want it to dial up (or use a serial port) to
>>> establish a slow but functioning connection.
>>> When the first path is active again it goes back to the original
>>> configuration. 
>>> I want this to happen at the gateway computer, so the users do not see
>>> anything, except for a reduction in performance if I go to a slower
>>> connection.
>>> What is this called, and what do I have to read up on? 
>>> It is more than just IP Tables right?
>>> Kip
>> I would advise to use the LEAF firewall
>> This a standalone distribution and very small. It fits (if you want it 
>> lean) even on a floppy disk but there are distributions for using it 
>> from an CD, USB-stick, etc.
>> The firewall software is shorewall and it is a real hardware firewall 
>> using 2 ethernet cards and not the pseudo-firewalls as offered for 
>> Windows. I use it for > 8 years and the only time I realise it's there 
>> when we have had a power outage.
>> Success
>> Joep
> I just looked at the Documentation. 
> Last update 11 May 2003?
> Can't you recommend something more current?
> Kip
Sorry, a small misunderstanding. The Bering Leaf-version came to an end 
in 2003 due to the fact that a new library gave better -and faster results.
The current versions are called Bering uclibc.
Go to the home-page and then to the tap 
Bering uClibc.
The latest version is Bering-uClibc 3.1.1 (2009-02-14).
The firewall is based on kernel versions 2.4..
A 3.6 branch is available but that is a resource hog so I advise to use 
the current version.
The documentation is fine and why change the date when everything else 
remains the same?

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