Help! Installing 8.10 on Server - errors!!!!

Jonathan Harrison jonathan-harrison at
Mon Mar 9 18:24:02 UTC 2009

Hi Lucio
Thank you.  I had another expert send me some stuff just before yours
arrived.  Very similar information.

It sounds simple enough, yet as I mentioned I am NOT a techie.  I think I
know what a kernel is - lines of code (?).  This is all very scary and new
ground for me.  Could I be a pain please and ask exactly what I need to do
and how.



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On Sun, Mar 8, 2009 at 6:08 PM, Jonathan Harrison
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> Dear esteemed
> I am not a techie, so please bear with me.
> I have a spare PC on our LAN that we use to centrally store files.  I 
> have upgraded it to AMD 64 Dual Core, 4 x 1Gig RAM, and stuff.  Been 
> using Vista 64b Home Premium.
> I have decided to build a IPT (PBX) for the home and my office use, 
> using the PC as a Server.  The system I want to try out is Unison’s.  
> This requires ubuntu as the Server OS.  I have downloaded the 64b 
> version on to another PC, burnt it to CD using InfraRecorder (the 
> recommended).  I have taken out the Hard Drive with the MS Vista OS 
> and installed another which I have half formatted to create 1 
> partition and have only this HD and the CDRO drive installed on my 
> machine.  Upon booting up it requests a boot from CD, which I do.  
> Asks for language, then presents a menu.  I have tried clicking
> F3 for change of keyboard (UK English) and also not doing so and just 
> pressing the Install Ubuntu SW....  It starts alright and then says: I 
> need to ENABLE IOMMU in BIOS settings.  I do not know what this is, 
> but I have been in BIOS 3 times now looking for it and not found it.  
> I have enabled virtually everything, but bar pulling out more hair has 
> had no effect....  I am currently running a memory test (nothing better to

You could try to add the following parameter in kernel boot parameters (boot


Please read this:


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