How Do I Edit The Boot Loader

Stephen Constantinou stephanos at
Sun Mar 8 01:28:40 UTC 2009

Stephen wrote:
> I have used Mandrake and Red Hat linux in the past. I just installed 
> ubuntu 8.10 64 bit on my desktop computer.
> Other people use the machine so I want Windows to be the default os to 
> boot. I have tried the help files and google and can't find any info on 
> configuring the boot loader.
> I would appreciate any suggestions.
> Thanks in advance
> Stephen Oulton
Dear Stephen

Here is a third method just to add to your options.  I used it on my 
Kubuntu 8.10, (32bit).

1) Click K > System > System Settings > 2nd Tab Advanced > Grub Editor > 
Entries tab - select which O/S you want to boot as default
2) In addition you could look at the Options tab to change how long the 
countdown is until the default O/S boots

Let us all know which one worked

Good luck

another Stephen

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