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Thorny thorntreehome at
Fri Mar 6 17:07:35 UTC 2009

>>[Thorny] One of the old time solutions was teaching people to use a
>>search engine
>> or read the manual before posting questions. However, many will still
>> want to ask their question personally without having to do any reading
>> or searching or learning first. I think that is part of the reason for
>> a site like
>[Brian] And that's a perfect link to have in our FAQ :-)
A bit less than perfect because many times people react to the perceived
"tone" of the article. It is also long which means people don't want to
wade through it. I remember once seeing a shorter more "Ubunty community
friendly" one by someone over at the Ubuntu forums but I don't have a link
to that one. 

The "Before asking for help" section from the "HowToGetHelp" page might be

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