Firefox truncating web pages

Pierre Frenkiel pierre.frenkiel at
Fri Mar 6 13:56:21 UTC 2009

On Thu, 5 Mar 2009, Brian McKee wrote:

> In this case I'm sure the flash is a big part of it - how do you print
> a movie?  You'll notice the flash just isn't in the printout at all.

   sorry Brian, you are sure but in that case, are obviously wrong!
   Doing print preview, you notice that the page content is actually printed
   (apart the flash animation at the very top), but:

    1/ the right part of the page is truncated
    2/ the bottom is truncated

    This has nothing to do with the flash at the top.
    Another proof is that you get the full pages, without any truncation,
    with Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera.

     With Firefox, one can get the full page (without truncation in width and height), by
       choosing a scale factor in print/"Page Setup",
       and unchecking the "Ignore scaling" box in "Options"
     For the 1st link I gave, one need a scale factor of 40%
     to get the full page printed, and for the 2nd one,
     40% is enough, but I think that one can't call that a workaround,
     as if you have more than 2 or 3 printed pages, the width will be a
     few centimeters.

     I agree that this is not a Ubuntu issue, as the same occurs with
     Firefox on Windows and MacOs. (but also with konqueror on Ubuntu...)
     I'll try in firefox forums, but given the big number of times that has already
     been reported, the odds to get a fix are rather small.

Pierre Frenkiel

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