[POSIX] implementation of pthread_create()

Carl Flippin carlf at photocarl.org
Fri Mar 6 00:15:45 UTC 2009

overflow_ <overflow_ at libero.it> writes:

> overflow_ wrote:
> Thanks for the help, I think I got it, even if I have still something
> not completely clear.
> - in the do_clone function there ISN'T ANY CALL TO the clone
> function!!!!!!!  there is just a INTERNAL_SYSCALL call.
> it uses just a macro ARCH_CLONE, that call the function __clone, but I
> dind't find where is it implemented I think its implementation changes
> with the hardware, but I didn't find where is it! Is there someone
> that know it?

This is expected. Ultimately, most of the glibc functions end up calling
a linux syscall. That's how glibc gets linux to actually do something. I
would expect the final implementation to make a syscall since all the
threading functions ultimately rely on the kernel. You will find this to
be true in most cases.

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