Imaging a 8.04 Server

CLIFFORD ILKAY clifford_ilkay at
Thu Mar 5 21:53:39 UTC 2009

Lubbers, Nicholas wrote:
>> If they are identical, how about directing the output of "dd" to the
>> target server over ssh?
> I know that way would be the best to get a true "identical" copy but in
> our environment that will not work. Eventually if everything goes as
> planned, we will have roughly 100 of these servers to put this image on
> to. Anything network based is out of the question as the server is at
> one of our stores at a remote site. I will need to use either a USB
> drive or a NAS drive to save the image files.

I would be more inclined to do a preseed installation in that case and
do configuration management with cfengine, puppet, or bcfg2. I've found
image-based installations wanting compared to kickstart or preseed

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