Imaging a 8.04 Server

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at
Thu Mar 5 20:51:12 UTC 2009

> Lubbers, Nicholas wrote:
>>> I've had very good luck with clonezilla live previously but I am
>> having
>>> issues with it cloning this particular server (Dell T300). The server
>>> currently is in production and I've made several attempts using
>>> clonezilla. I cannot afford to have much more downtime and need to
>> look
>>> for a different imaging solution.
>> I forgot to mention that the hardware is going to be identical to the
>> source. I think the reason I chose clonezilla was because it was able to
>> set up grub while restoring the image. I need to be able to restore the
>> entire server to another identical T300 and have it boot with minimal
>> (preferably none) additional configuration.
> If they are identical, how about directing the output of "dd" to the
> target server over ssh?

There's a tutorial on network dd'ing if you search google for "dd over 

I've always used partimage to clone things and have had decent luck with 

Other than that maybe you could look at backup solutions where you can 
backup and restore (amanda?) to the new system instead of direct imaging.

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