Ubuntu 8.10

H.S. hs.samix at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 21:11:04 UTC 2009

Rob wrote:

> 1. I'm sure I'm missing something very obvious but, for the life of me,
> I cannot figger out how to connect to the Internet using KDE.  I'm using
> Gnome right now and it has a little icon in the upper task bar that I
> can click on to go on line (I'm using wireless connectivity through a
> Linksys router on a lower floor which works fine in Gnome) but I can
> find no obvious way of doing the same thing in KDE.

Do you have network-manager-kde installed? If not, install it and
perhaps also kwirelessmonitor. You should be good to go then. But post
here if it still doesn't work.

This might ask you setup a password for KDE wallet. To save trouble, I
set it to the same as I my login password.

> 2. I cannot get sound to work in KDE.  Has anyone cracked the code on
> this yet?  It clearly tells me my sound is "broken" when I activate KDE
> but NOT how to fix it.

If you are using pulseaudio, make sure you have ESD for "audio device"
in Hardware tab of sound system configuration.

Make all the above changes and relogin and see how it goes.



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