New heat grease, no help

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Wed Mar 4 01:13:19 UTC 2009

>>> You need to put that grease on the outside of the heatsink for it to
>>> work. Just remove the fan and put the grease where the fan was.
>> First, do no harm.
> Dotan Cohen is a liar and a cheat. If a new user gets help from him,
> they run back to Windows as fast as possible.

I'm a liar _and_ a cheat! Sorry, just trolling through!

If anyone will take the advice of a mailing list post to remove a fan
and spread grease on the cooling fins, then he should not have been
opening the case to begin with. I'm serious. Darwin would agree.

And if you are hiding from Windows in Ubuntu, and some bad advice will
have you running back, then please do run. Ubuntu is a fine operating
system on it's own merits, it does not have to be a sanctuary for teh
h8z M$ kidz. Ubuntu's success need not be measured by how many Windows
converts is attracts, no more than does Ubuntu's failure need to be
measured by how many people leave Ubuntu for Windows. Even Mark
Shuttleworth, who filed a bug against Ubuntu about Windows' dominant
market share, advises against converting people to Ubuntu.

Have a good night, all, and don't forget: sticky air is what makes a
computer run hot so get that air flowing by greasing the cooling fins.
If the arctic silver grease isn't slippery enough, then try spraying
some WD-40 on the processor, motherboard, and hard drives as well. You
can always wash it away with water if it doesn't work.

Dotan Cohen


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