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Cybe R. Wizard cybe_r_wizard at
Wed Mar 4 00:05:24 UTC 2009

CLIFFORD ILKAY <clifford_ilkay at>  said:
> How likely
> do you suppose it is that a professional networking organization that
> counts amongst its members people like Steve Jobs, Guy Kawasaki,
> Sergey Brin, and Seth Godin has to resort to spamming to get the word
> out? (Hint: this is a rhetorical question.)

Likely or not, rhetorical or not, it seems that they /do/, indeed, do
just that very thing.  The evidence is (OK, was) before your eyes if
only you would see.
Now, how likely is it that a  person who dislikes off-topic messages
will be driven to complain of others complaints?
Considering your misunderstanding of what spam is, it seems quite
BTW, you didn't find me complaining /at all/ so why single me out?  Just
because I (correctly) corrected you?

And, yes, it /is/ wonderful being able to use a dictionary.  Perhaps
/some other/ may benefit by learning the same craft.

Cybe R. Wizard
Nice computers don't go down.
	Larry Niven, Steven Barnes
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