USB mounting automatically : users option?

Chris Jones christopher.rob.jones at
Tue Mar 3 22:19:03 UTC 2009

>> Hi,

> Owners and groups are actually numbers UIDs and GIDs - always.  The
> text is just a label for humans.
> So, if a file is owned by user 500, it checks the /etc/passwd file,
> and sees user 500 has name 'fred' and displays 'fred' on the screen.
> If you take that drive to another computer that doesn't have a user
> 500, it just prints 500.  If that other computer has a user 500 called
> john - it prints John on the screen.

Thats essentially what I was trying to say, only put a little better.

Another point worth making is a file 'owned' by fred on the first  
system will be 'owned' by john on the second. As you say, the file  
system doesn't care about user names, only user IDs.


> Perhaps it would be helpful to create a group called 'gitusers' or
> something, with a specified group number of say 5555 or whatever on
> every computer you want to hook that drive up to.
> Brian
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