Ubuntu doesn't recognize RAID5 array - what to do?

Redmond Tux redmondtux at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 20:05:19 UTC 2009

When I first installed Ubuntu, Ubuntu correctly detected it. The drives were
listed as "Adaptec" in Nautilus. I wasn't using any special software. Ubuntu
doesn't detect it now and I don't understand why. Hence I am asking for

I am equally puzzled as to why it isn't being detected. The controller boots
properly at startup after it powers on each Serial Attached SCSI drive. No
hardware issues.

I did update the firmware on the Adaptec controller before reinstalling
Ubuntu, at Adaptec's urging... that's the only thing I can think of that
would have changed with the hardware, but it was only a minor update.
Shouldn't cause Ubuntu to stop recognizing the controller.


On Mon, Mar 2, 2009 at 7:27 AM, Eberhard Roloff <tuxebi at gmx.de> wrote:

> Redmond Tux wrote:
> > A few weeks ago I reinstalled the latest version of Ubuntu (wanted a
> > clean start) and discovered, to my unpleasant surprise, that Ubuntu
> > doesn't recognize my RAID5 array.
> >
> > Previously, it was recognized as "Adaptec" (that's the hardware
> > controller that all the drives are tethered to).
> Who did recognize it as "Adaptec", i.e. which software did you use, when
> it was correctly detected?
> Eberhard
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