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Ray Parrish wrote:
> Yes! I did find that interesting reading. The Nvidia page specified the 
> 6200 series cards where mine is a 6100 series, but I suppose the same 
> could apply to them as well. I tried to use the search on that page to 
> discover any more articles of that nature, and it couldn't even find the 
> article I was reading. How in the world did you find it?
> I ran the two pmap commands, and the second one returned the highest 
> amount, which when divided by 1024 to get MB's revealed a total of 63.5 
> MB's in use. The other returned 61 MB's.
> I was just in Windows, and it's System Information program reported 128 
> MB's of video RAM. When I rebooted I decided to try an experiment, and 
> went into the BIOS, and changed the video RAM setting to 64 MB's. After 
> logging into Ubuntu, I find it still claims 256 MB's via SysInfo, and 
> the Nvidia X Server Settings GUI application.
> Likewise the "nvidia-settings --query all" command returns a value of 
> 256 MB's.
> Having changed the video RAM setting in the BIOS seems to have had no 
> effect on the performance of Ubuntu. I do not that free now reports a 
> total of 438 MB's of system RAM, which differs from it's previous 
> reports of 384 MB's with the previous BIOS setting of 128 MB's for the 
> video RAM.
> I have yet to read the pmap man page, and ran those commands without 
> looking them up first. I trusted you that time, NoOp, but don't count on 
> it in the future. 8-) I usually look up commands I find here first to 
> make sure they're OK.
> So... I guess it's possible that Ubuntu is allowing me to access VRAM 
> that exists on the onboard card that Windows apparently doesn't know 
> about. Very odd.
> Thanks for the help!
> Later, Ray Parrish


Providing your board is a FIC K8MC51G

it has an onboard video based on the

Chipset Nvidia Geforce 6100 nForce 410 (and not any video board Nv 6100)

and no resident memory at all, depending on RAM for every bit of dynamic 
memory needed.

It was your first impression and I now also believe the video chipset is 
using only the BIOS allocated frame buffer, any other conflicting 
information being misunderstood or incorrect. At least it is what I see 
in my own onboard NVidia 8200 (up to 256 Mb). As to why all these 
different numbers, I remain clueless.

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