Troubleshooting USB

NoOp glgxg at
Tue Mar 3 01:16:51 UTC 2009

On 03/02/2009 04:39 PM, Bill Moseley wrote:
> I installed Ubuntu on an old Dell OptiPlex 170L I had around.  On this
> machine I'm having some trouble mounting a USB drive with syslog
> saying:
>     usb-storage: waiting for device to settle before scanning
> and then nothing after that.
> Also, a USB HP photosmart 7350 printer was correctly detected but
> printing doesn't work -- trying to print causes the printer to eject
> multiple pages and print junk on the page.
> Of course, on my main machine (a newer Dell) everything works
> perfectly.  The USB drive mounts w/o a problem and the printer prints
> great.
> Both have 8.10 and are up-to-date.  Same printer driver is selected on
> both machines.
> So, I'm now suspecting a hardware USB problem.  Is there anything I
> can do to test the USB sub-system on a machine?
> Any ideas what else to try?

I would first try using only the back USB ports on the machine. Older
machines (and some new ones) have noise on the front ports (threads are
archived here related) and/or ports that are extended off of the main
motherboard. Try that first, & then if not, I'll see if I can dig up the
old thread(s) related to this. Another thing to try is to go to bios and
turn off/on legacy USB support (if on turn off, if off turn on) & while
there, make sure that your bios is updated to the latest release available.

Also, check your logs (dmesg, sys etc) to see if you can find any usb
related messages, then post those.

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