Is something wrong with the group's mail software?

Ray Parrish crp at
Mon Mar 2 22:37:16 UTC 2009

Derek Broughton wrote:
> Matthew Flaschen wrote:
>> Chris G wrote:
>>> ... or use mutt which provides a L[ist Reply] command, you do have to
>>> tell mutt what addresses are lists for this to work of course.
>> Which of course defeats the entire point of List-Post and sister headers.
> It does.  I remember arguing (who?  Me?) with KMail developers about this
> years ago.  For some reason they didn't _want_ the default reply function
> to be to a list when "List-Post" was available - even though KMail had long
> recognized the List-Post header as special and given you an option
> to "Reply to list".  Which is one of the primary reasons I stopped using
> mail to receive any lists that were available in gmane news.

Just wanted to thank Lucio for the url to the add on for Thunderbird.

Later, Ray Parrish

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