tomcat port annoyance: TIME_WAIT

Thufir hawat.thufir at
Mon Mar 2 15:23:36 UTC 2009

On Mon, 02 Mar 2009 12:43:54 -0200, Norberto Bensa wrote:

> On Mon, Mar 2, 2009 at 9:22 AM, Thufir <hawat.thufir at> wrote:
>> I would like to either just automagically fix it by changing a setting,
>> or figure out why it occurs.  There are many results in google about
>> this, but none that I found were particularly helpful.
> Does TIME_WAIT cause problems or is just a aesthetic issue?

Until everything "clears" I cannot run tomcat apps, so it's inconvenient 
to say the least.  It didn't happen in the past and only started 
recently, for reasons which escape me.


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