Video Memory

Ray Parrish crp at
Mon Mar 2 07:29:46 UTC 2009

Lucio M Nicolosi wrote:
>> I'd want to try telling your BIOS to use _less_ memory, and see what
>> happens - seems to me any system still limping along on a mere .5GB of main
>> memory doesn't need to be running video modes that need 256MB
>> --
>> derek
> Absolutely, I would allocate the minimum needed for the required
> resolution. It could be as little as 8Mb. (and see what happens).
> L.
Somehow I don't think that compiz would work very well with only 8MB of 
video memory even if there were a way to set it that low. My system 
isn't limping along either, it seems to work just fine, with the 
exception of an occasional gray out of a program while it's doing 
something intensive.

Later, Ray Parrish

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