Ubuntu doesn't recognize RAID5 array - what to do?

Redmond Tux redmondtux at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 05:02:37 UTC 2009

A few weeks ago I reinstalled the latest version of Ubuntu (wanted a clean
start) and discovered, to my unpleasant surprise, that Ubuntu doesn't
recognize my RAID5 array.

Previously, it was recognized as "Adaptec" (that's the hardware controller
that all the drives are tethered to). To be clear, Ubuntu itself is
installed on a separate, smaller SATA drive. The RAID5 array is where I want
to store my data. But I can't access it. When I try, I get this error:

Unable to mount location
Can't find file

In My Computer, instead of showing "Adaptec" it just says "SCSI Drive". This
to me suggests it isn't recognizing my array. I have looked around and can't
find a solution.

Any suggestions?

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