No good CD-Rom copy software (fwd)

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Tue Jun 30 00:22:13 UTC 2009

On Mon, 29 Jun 2009, NoOp wrote:

> These links might make for rather interesting reading:
> [cdrtools is undistributable]
> and see where wodim stepped in:
> <>

I have had many many many run-ins with Jorg over the years, mostly with 
relation to his rudeness and attacks on Linux, however, I am right behind 
him on this one, Debian is clearly in the wrong, wodim (which i also tried 
to install on Fedora and Slackware once, would neither compile or even 
look like it, even after getting the debian requirements (funny, I NEVER 
had to download other requirements to run cdrtools from Jorg, but I'll
entertain myself), and it was still never going to build.

Additionally when i run here wodim -v blah.iso on command line, it goes 
into an endless loop of high speed shit sprawling over my screen so fast I 
have no idea what its doing, but i can assure you, it wasn't writing an 
ISO, I tried to remove wodim and surprise surprise (not) apt wants to 
remove about 15 programs that I do need, so I installed cdrtools, and 
removed the wodim binary and replaced IT with cdrecord symlink, now 
everything is happy. Using brasero, it would work fine, but i spend as 
little time in X as possible, and I shouldn't have to load X to burn 
CD/DVDs, this is Linux not farking winshit, so its clearly NOT a drop in 
replacement, and it should be removed from Ubuntu in favour of the original
cdrtools, which is actively maintained and works flawlessly.


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