"motion sensor" with mouse

Soren Orel soren.orel at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 16:03:18 UTC 2009

I recently read about

cat /dev/input/mice

when I move my mouse it's giving "random chars" :)
I formerly read about:

cat /var/log/messages > /dev/dsp

It makes "sound" :D ...

Ok.. I wanted to combine these to like:

cat /dev/input/mice > /dev/dsp

So If I move my mouse it makes sound..but it's not very effective (not
always working, I have to move the mouse too intensive)

It would be a "motion sensor" :D:D (don't laugh) When something pushes the
mouse it will give a "sound"

does anybody has any idea how to make the idea work better? :D

I already tried making "cat /dev/input/mice" hd to input bigger data to
"/dev/dsp" (hd=hexdump) :D

cat /dev/input/mice | hd > /dev/dsp

thanks :D
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