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Thomas wrote:
> Forgot again!
> Forgot to include a question.  
> How can I set up the rest of a hard disk for Ubuntu?
> I am only using 50 GB of my 500 GB drive.  Could not figure
> out what to do.  
> I am planning to reinstall the 2nd hard disk and assume that
> the same solution would work for both.
> Thanks
> Thomas
	Hard Drives are not the same as a rule. I have no idea what your going
to do with 500 Gb much less MORE!

	With another HD you will see with fdisk -l they look the same but one
HD is (hd0) and the other will be (hd1) to Grub. Just play around and
you will learn a lot.

	I feel like a poor person, I have just 160GB and I 3 versions of Ubuntu
running and still lots of space...

73 Karl

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