Derek Broughton derek at
Sun Jun 28 18:45:15 UTC 2009

I spent a frustrating 2 hours today trying to boot. Has anybody run into a 
problem being unable to boot after installing uswsusp?

I got a kernel panic "Unable to mount root fs..." claiming it couldn't mount 
the filesystem with ext2, ext3 and some other filesystems, but notably not 
JFS, which is what the filesystem really was.  This happened on both the 
kernel I was running when I installed uswsusp (2.6.30-6-server), and my 
backup kernel (2.6.28-11-server), even though the initrd for the backup 
hasn't been updated (the other initrd was updated in the post-install for 

 $ zcat /boot/initrd.img-2.6.30-6-server | cpio -t | grep jfs
 38247 blocks

So, it should have jfs available.  Eventually I just booted from the live 
CD, chrooted to my root fs, removed the uswsusp package, and rebooted 
without trouble. I'll file a bug, but didn't see anything like this in 
google, so am just wondering if it's affected anybody else.

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