Bluetooth + Blackberry = ?

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> > A loss of 80-100 ponds is a viable solutiom-:O) 
> Sorry, Karl.  Just
> > couldn't resist. Leonard Chatagnier
> Unfair!  I weigh about the same as Karl but at 6'-4"
> if I lost 100
> pounds I'd weigh less than I did when playing basketball in
> Jr. High
> school.  Heck, I'd probably blow away!
Sorry to you both. I assumed a small frame like I have, 5'-10. really small frame and am fat at 170 and have topped out at 179.5(buying larger sizes here) but, am still trying.  I finished high school at a muscular, healthy 125(maybe it was 135, along time ago) but finished collede fat at 165 then went to work and lost all the fat.  It's harder now especially with a bad back where I cant walk like I did before surgery.  Hey, this is OT isn't it; we better stop.
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