Floppy drive not responding.

NoOp glgxg at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jun 28 14:58:53 UTC 2009

On 06/28/2009 04:00 AM, HermanAA wrote:
> Why floppies?? My goodness, is that not history yet?
> Yes it is .... (if you ask me).
>  (I did throw all the RESCUE diskettes that I need so badly now ....)
> Unexpected things happen:
> Poor girl Camly (student, 18, no money, amazing lady, she is a lot
> sharper than I am) got an old computer from the local SSS, with WIN95 on
> it and NO CDROM drive.
>  (it's perfectly OK! to laugh).

Might be cheaper & better idea to pull an old CD/DVD drive from a
discarded system and install for her. That way when new releases come
out you can burn a CD for her & let her upgrade via CD instead of via
the internet. Plus, depending on how old the system is, Win95 may be the
better choice over WinXP.

> ... and she says: "Uncle Herman, NO CDROM. How can I install XP?
>  (I already gave her a copy of Puppy-Linux CD, to smell Linux. I expect
> that smart kid to be on Linux, Ubuntu probably, long before she can
> afford Windows 7. She will be using XP when Ubuntu does not do what
> needs to be done).

Hit the recycle shops & find her a CD drive.

> So, I have to help her.
> My computer has no more floppy-drive. (who needs floppies ??)
> So I installed my best floppy-drive (from my computer junk-box).
> And I have problems getting it going ......

Try loading a knoppix CD and see if the drive shows up there (you
mentioned it does in Windows). Better yet; if you have a hardy liveCD,
try that. There were/are issues with floppies in intrepid & jaunty [1]

Note: I have floppy drives installed & working on nearly all of my
systems - so we've plenty to compare to. All except my test system were
upgraded from earlier versions of Ubuntu. I'll load up the test system
today with a clean jaunty & see if I have r/w issues with the floppy.

[floppy disk drive not detected (module not loaded) in Intrepid and Jaunty]
[[jaunty] Floppy - read and write fails]

Gary (LoLo)

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