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Stephen stephen_o at rogers.com
Sat Jun 27 03:31:17 UTC 2009

NoOp wrote:
> On 06/26/2009 12:36 PM, Stephen wrote:
>> Thanks for your reply, but you misunderstood my question. I must have 
>> worded it wrong.
>> When you right click on a file you have the open with other dialog. The 
>> open with other dialog has invalid open with entries. When I right click 
>> on them I don't get the option to delete them.
>> What I wanted to know is how to delete the invalid entries from the open 
>> with dialog.
>> Stephen Oulton
> Right click on the file, select 'Properties', select 'Open With'. From
> there you can Add, Remove, or Reset.
Thanks for the suggestion.

When I  went to open with another application, I received a list with 
other applications and the  bad custom ones that I created. There is  no 
editing, deleting, or removing them from that dialog.

I  received an email on my other computer that told me to  go to
~/.local/applications/  I found the items there and deleted them and it 
removed them from the list.

I want to   thank everyone who gave me suggestions to try. I am glad  
the  problem is solved.

Thanks again;
Stephen Oulton

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