can I set LD_PRELOAD in jaunty?

Cameron Hutchison lists at
Sat Jun 27 00:28:35 UTC 2009

Bill Marcum <marcumbill at> writes:

>On 2009-06-26, Cameron Hutchison <lists at> wrote:
>><mr.lequoctuan at> writes:
>>>I try to add this line to .profile "export LD_PRELOAD=..."
>> When you log in with X11, you are not running a login shell anywhere, so
>> ..profile will not be run. This means none of your settings in .profile
>> will get loaded in an X11 session. When you start a X11 terminal, it
>> will not run a login shell, so .bashrc will be loaded, not .profile.
>I think in gnome-terminal preferences you can choose whether or not the
>terminal runs as a login shell.

I'm sure it can. I know xterm can do it. However, that may not be
sufficient for the original poster. For instance, gnome-terminal itself
will not run with the LD_PRELOAD setting, nor will any other apps
launched via the GNOME menu.

But, I'm just speculating. I dont know what the original poster wants to
use LD_PRELOAD for. The gnome-terminal setting may well be sufficient.

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