9.04 desktop, static IP address configuration fails

Steve Reilly sfreilly at roadrunner.com
Fri Jun 26 23:55:45 UTC 2009

bill wrote:
> when I go preferences > network connection
> and change it from DHCP to manual and add a connection I can enter the
> IP address ( and the subnet mask ( and
> gateway (, but when I click apply it changes the gateway
> back to
> I decided to do it manually and opened /etc/network/interfaces, and
> found it only had two lines in it, with none of the addressing
> information as it does on the server version.
> 1) anyone have an idea as to why it will not accept and keep the gateway
> address, and
> 2) where is the data kept ?

i believe theres still a bug with static ip's in network-manager at
least there was in intrepid.  wait for someone else to verify this but
removing network-manager and installing wicd should do the trick.  been
a while since i did it cant remember exactly if thats what i did.....


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