How to make non-interactive kernel packages using make-kpkg?

Oliver Grawert ogra at
Fri Jun 26 08:55:41 UTC 2009

On Do, 2009-06-25 at 20:16 -0700, David Hendricks wrote:
> Thanks for the pointers, Oli and Martijn. Indeed, the Ubuntu kernel
> howto is where I started but it lacked the depth I needed. I'll need
> to study the official debian kernel package guide to see if it's
> better than what I'm doing now, though.
note that debian and ubuntu kernels diverge a lot in their packaging
setup (thats one of the big differences between ubuntu and debian so
your mileage with a debian like built kernel might vary a lot)


> So now it comes down to either packaging kernel-img.conf with a
> kernel, which would actually be kind of nice since it's a pretty
> intuitive way to tweak kernel install options without tearing apart
> a .deb, or see if there's an easy way to bake the presettings for
> non-interactive installation into the .deb.

kernel-img.conf is created by the installer, it holds the info what
bootloader was installed and how to treat a newly installed kernel with
it (i.e. on x86 systems it makes sure postinst_hook and prerm_hook call
either update-grub or the lilo equivalent, on ARM it calls flash-kernel
on sparc the silo tools ...), it also has the info if your system
uses /boot on a separate partition or in the main filesystem and tells
teh package to use symlinks in / or not ... note that if you put that
file into a kernel package it will/might break existing systems.

if you plan to share these testkernels with others i suggest to add
something to the script your system was created with instead of rolling
the file into a package ...

for detailed kernel building info with more background knowledge than
here, there is btw the ubuntu-kernel mailing list and #ubuntu-kernel on, i'm sure the kernel team is happy to help with
packaging questions (since they designed the special way ubuntu kernels
are packaged ...)

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