can I set LD_PRELOAD in jaunty?

David Fox dfox94085 at
Fri Jun 26 02:58:21 UTC 2009

2009/6/25 Lê Quốc Tuấn <mr.lequoctuan at>
> I try to add this line to .profile
>  "export LD_PRELOAD=..."

I don't think there is anything strange going on. Anytime you set a
variable, its "lifetime" is only for the duration of that shell. If
you go to another terminal, you'll be running another shell, where
you'd need to export the variable again to have it work.

And, if you are adding it to .profile, it won't kick in until you log
in and log out, and only if (I think) the shell is a "login" shell.
You'll probably want to do

$ source .profile

to commit the changes.

This actually can have some advantages.

thanks for letting me change the magnetic patterns on your hard disk.

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