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Tony Baldwin photodharma at
Wed Jun 24 03:43:28 UTC 2009

Mihamina (R12y) Rakotomandimby wrote:
> On 06/23/2009 11:24 PM, Sally Dodge wrote:
>> I am totally stupid my daughter knows more than me
> I dont think so.
>> Problem: I have games and other applications that were on windows when
>> my daughter installed ubuntu and now we can not find them nor reload
>> them one of the games is Fate by wildtangent and we can not down load
>> shockwave or adobe reader both which I need to open some of my e-mails
>> and to play some games on addictive games.
> - Games: waste of time ;-)
> - I open PDFs with eveince, which is in the default GTK/Gnome based Ubuntus.

That would be "evince" just to clarify.
There are plenty of other options, as well (I use evince, myself).
There are xpdf, epdfview, gv (ghostview), pdfedit and kpdf, just to 
mention a few, and, yes, Virginia, there is Acrobat Reader for Linux, as 
well ( - the page will automagically offer 
you the latest reader for Linux if you access the page from a Linux 

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