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Tue Jun 23 20:40:53 UTC 2009

Sally Dodge wrote:
> I am totally stupid my daughter knows more than me and between us and other friends we have not been able to solve our problem.
> Problem: I have games and other applications that were on windows when my daughter installed ubuntu and now we can not find them nor reload them one of the games is Fate by wildtangent and we can not down load shockwave or adobe reader both which I need to open some of my e-mails and to play some games on addictive games.
> we have Wine and linux as well as pidgen but I try following direction for loadiing things but it just does not work.  The Fate game I have software back up as well as a path for downloading but although I have followed the instructions several times all i get is a shortcut but it wiil not open it only says error in archive pleaqse if there is some one who could go through this step by step with my daughter I am sure she could do it 
> Thank you one and all for your help

Man, I really hate HTML email.  But I'll give this a shot.

Your games for windows (and I must inform you that any games from
WildTangent wreak havoc on Windows boxes. I avoid them like the plague)
won't work natively in Linux.  Wine might work, but there is an
Applications Database to tell you what games have been tested under wine
and what sort of problems or tweaks you might have to do.

There is no (that I am aware of) native Shockwave plugin for Linux.
Which is a pain for those of with kids who hate booting into Windows for
that sort of thing.  So you are out of luck there.  There are a lot of
games on that work in linux with the flash plugin as
I fiddle with those  from time to time while waiting for things to compile.

There /should/ be GPDF or similar PDF viewer installed with Ubuntu so
you shouldn't need the actual Adobe version.  (Honestly, the Adobe
version is a nightmare resource hog on ANY platform).

I don't have any clue what you mean by loading things.  Do you mean
installing them?  There are plenty of tutorials online for installing
Windows games in Wine.

I'll be glad to help (as I am sure others will) if you can provide us
with more information about the problems you are having along with
specific error messages you might encounter.

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