Databases - WAS Re: acronym LAMP

Derek Broughton derek at
Tue Jun 23 12:59:59 UTC 2009


>>> All accounts suggest that as a web back-end, nothing
>>> beats MySQL.
> "All accounts".... that's like "they" say. 

Of course it is.

> It's nonsense. 

It's not "nonsense" - it's anecdotal evidence that needs to be taken as any 
other evidence from the Internet.

> Plenty of web apps use PostgreSQL.

All of mine.  That doesn't necessarily prove anything.

> It's true MySQL is more widely-used but that has
> nothing to do with any inherent superiority.

And I certainly didn't say that.

> At one time it *was* faster
> than PostgreSQL but that was a decade ago. MySQL concentrated on speed
> over data integrity and features while PostgreSQL concentrated on data
> integrity and features and left performance for later. PG has long since
> surpassed MySQL in speed and scalability while MySQL languishes in terms
> of features and data integrity. 

I completely agree with the latter, but I'm not sure you can demonstrate 
Postgres _is_ faster for web apps.

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