CD/DVD drives and online connection not working in 9.04

Sascha Effert fermat at
Tue Jun 23 09:00:36 UTC 2009

Am Dienstag 23 Juni 2009 05:14:49 schrieb Jim Kvarnberg:
> My Ubuntu 8.10 was upgraded to 9.04 online.  It worked fine until after
> some updates I started having problems with the CD/DVD drives and online
> connection.  Now I am using my wife's VISTA computer to get online in
> order to send and receive emails.  My Ubuntu 9.04 won't work two CD/DVD
> drives and online connection that frustrated me.  The drives could read
> contents in discs, but won't do any writing and installation of some new
> software including an iso.  In the VISTA computer I downloaded Ubuntu
> 9.04 AMD64 and tried to re-install the OS, but because the drives aren't
> working properly I was unable to do it.  Where did I go wrong?  Any tips
> on the solution to the problem will be greatly appreciated.   Thank you
> in advance.  Jim

Hello Jim,

intresting. First your drives: How have you tried to reinstall? By starting 
the Live-System? If the drives are not reachable there, there will be a bigger 
problem. If the drives are reachable in Live-System but not in the installed I 
would guess that there is some problem with your rights. Can you check this?

Second your network: How are you connected? WLan, Lan, PPPOE, Modem? Can you 
reach your wifes computer in local network or is the network completely out of 



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